Jewelry trends that will mark the fall of 2022

Jewelry trends that will mark the fall of 2022

This year’s fashion weeks in London, Milan, New York, and now Paris brought us new fashion trends that will mark the upcoming period. Besides that, the runway shows also brought us new trendy accessories and jewelry. Given that accessories are an essential part of an outfit that actually completes it, seeing which trends will rule the fashion world this season is a must.

That’s why we have created a little guide that will help you orientate around the trends that are in this fall.

The return of the 90s

When we are speaking about fashion trends, we can conclude that they definitely change quickly. This season, we will be witnessing various novelties, but we are thrilled to see the return of the retro aesthetic from the early 00s and 90s. Apart from the fact that clothes and accessories from this time remind many of their childhood, statement and timeless pieces that we thought would never come back into fashion are now trendy. With the influence of pop culture and certain TV shows such as Euphoria, all the 90s-inspired jewelry pieces have returned.

Our Sabiria collection has just the perfect necklaces that could fit into the whole 90s-inspired aesthetic. As this was a period when fashionistas loved to mix and match the unmatchable and play with different colors, our Leda – Apatite & Agate necklace could be just the perfect necklace to complete a look. If you are fonder of wearing lighter pastel colors, then take a look at the Leda necklace made with Pearl & Quartz crystals too.

Dangling shiny earrings

Shiny earrings with tiny pendants and pearls are trendy this autumn season, as well. These timeless pieces are minimalistic and subtle, so they will never not be trendy. Luckily, our brand has just the perfect earring pieces that will help you embrace your inner goddess.

Ariadne Pearl earrings are, just as the lady of the labyrinth’s name says, complicated yet so simple. These earrings are the perfect example of how modernity meets classic designs to create a majestic piece that can be worn on various occasions.

Asteria earrings will allow you to be just like a falling star – shiny and determined to conquer everything on your way. While the Sun and Moon earrings and our Three wishes gems will allow you to show off how much power and kindness you hold on any day!

 We suggest wearing this type of earrings with simple outfits so that they stand out in the right way. They can also match perfectly with business attire in the form of women’s suits and, therefore, help create classical, timeless looks. 

Floral and leafy details

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking. says Miranda from the cult movie Devil wears Prada. However, floral and leafy details and motifs aren’t just perfect for the spring season. Many new high-end designers presented them in this year’s autumn collection too. Even though most of us may associate floral motifs and patterns with warmer days, retro fashion and flowers take on a whole new dimension this year. These details are modern, contemporary, and urban, and we have just the perfect necklace that will subtly color your gray fall days away.

Take a look at our Demeter necklace. Inspired by Demeter, an ancient Greek goddess of agriculture, this necklace will help you welcome the changing nature and weather in autumn. Besides that, it’s a great add-on for cozy autumn outfits and will certainly emphasize all the best features of your neck. Wear it with open-cut tops or V-neck sweaters in neutral colors to create a really cozy, warm, and stylish look.

If the minimalistic or business way of dressing is your style of choice, then our Diana earrings or a Hecate – Lapis Lazuli necklace could be the perfect pick for you. Refined, sophisticated and elegant are the three words that best describe these two gems. 

Trends come and go, but timeless pieces are here to stay. With the help of pieces form our jewelry collection, your upcoming fall outfits will certainly look stunning even when the weather outside is awful. 



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