October Gift Guide: for the harmonious Libras

October Gift Guide: for the harmonious Libras

The holidays are fast approaching and if you’re like us, you might be struggling to find the perfect gift for your friends and loved ones. But fear not! We’ve put together a Gift Guide for the month of October, specifically for those special people in your life who have the Libra zodiac sign.

As Libras are known for their balanced, harmonious nature, we’ve selected a variety of gifts that we think will bring them joy and happiness. And what could be more appropriate for a Libra than a piece of jewelry featuring their birthstone: “The pearl”.

So without further ado, here are our top picks for gifts this October:

Oceanid Sun&Pearl

Libras love classic pieces that they can wear over and over, and know exactly how to dress up an everyday look with pieces that stun and glow.

The sun&pearl Oceanids is a delicate and stunning stud earrings which is perfect for everyday wear.

For more special occasions choose these Oceanids with a dangling pearl. The pearl signifies wisdom gained through experience while the Hittite sun disk is one of most ancient symbols of sun, represents the idea of hope or rebirth, and as a sign of new beginnings. They would be what a libra needs for reminding them their worth and power.

Cybele Necklace

Cybele is one of the oldest goddesses and her name has been travelling the Mediterranean for millennials, easy-going, fun loving, abundance goddess Cybele would for sure be a Libra if she had a sign. A mix of pearl, turquoise, coral and a sun symbol are the elements that speak for her qualities: nurturing, sophisticated, rich with a wild side. Perfect for gift for the libra in your life!

Sun& Moon earrings

For centuries, humanity has gazed up at the sky, marveling at the delicate balance between the sun and the moon. The sun, which nurtures all life on Earth, represents the day; while the moon, which brings peace and stillness to the night, represents the night. We owe our existance to this delicate balance between sun and moon. A perfect gift to celebrate the cosmic harmony of life and nature.

Leda Pearl& Pink Quartz

The harmony of pink quartz and pearl is saying in a silky soft voice: You are loved. A pendant to honor the inner Goddess in your Libra who knows her worth, understands her power and does not necessarily need a reminder, but wearing your affirmation is an easy way to remind everyone else.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Gift Guide for Libras! Keep in mind that pearls are Libra’s gem so what better way to show someone you care than with a piece of jewelry featuring this stunning gemstone? Whatever your budget may be, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect gift from Sabiria.

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