September Gift Guide : For the Virgos in your life

September Gift Guide : For the Virgos in your life

The virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity and precision Astraea, was said to abandon earth in the iron age and became the constellation of Virgo. When her brightest star rises on the eastern horizon at dawn, vineyard farmers know it’s time to harvest their grapes to make wine. Today this celestial Goddess represents benevolent, admirable virtues, beautiful, and benevolent attributes. 

Born in late August to mid September, Virgos are known for their shy, reserved nature. But don’t let that fool you – Virgos are also hard workers, often taking on multiple projects at once and seeing them through to completion with impeccable detail. If you have a Virgo in your life, they likely keep you grounded and on task. When it comes to finding the perfect gift for them, it can be a daunting task. But never fear! We have put together the ultimate gift guide for the Virgo in your life. Whether you're looking for a piece to help them stay focused on their goals or a token of your appreciation for their relationship, we've got you covered.

September birthstone: Lapis lazuli

We will start with our Oceanid lapis lazuli earrings since Lapis lazuli is known as the stone of wisdom and is said to increase concentration and reinforce relationships, it is also the birthstone of Virgo! The simple yet stunning design of these earrings are sure to please even the most discerning Virgo.

Nature's call

Hecate Necklace with Lapis lazuli stones is an excellent choice for any Virgo who prefers understated elegance. Lapis lazuli stones are accompanied by golden leaves which can be read as an ode to Virgo's relation to harvest and nature. For the Virgo's who need to stand back a little and re-connect with their nature. 

All time Classy

The Demeter earrings and necklace with their perfect shape is the piece every Virgo can trust to feel splendid. It is the kind of peace that can be worn every day, whether at ambitious work meetings or out on a celebration with friends.

Whether it is to help your favorite Virgo to stay on track with goals both big and small by gifting them Lapis lazuli or to make them stay connected with the goddesses of nature, these are our top picks for you.

Be sure to check out our selection below and find the perfect item for your needs!

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