The Goddess of Dawn

Eos is the rosy-fingered Titaness of dawn: she wears a saffron-colored robe embroidered with flowers and she is considered the most splendid of all the beings in the Greek pantheon...
even Aphrodite was jealous of her!

Eos is an intricate collection of earrings that embodies purity, beauty, and strength. 

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Our inspiration for this piece is the freshness and brightness that only dawn can bring. From its radiant hues, to how it covers everything in poetry-like silkiness; this beauty has captured our hearts forever.

  • Amethyst

    The amethyst and silver combination is for early morning when she rises from the east with her rays of light to disperse the mists of night.

  • Pink Quartz

    The rose quartz and silver combination is for mid-morning, when she opens the gates for her brother Helios, the sun; 

  • Jade

    The jade and gold combination is for the late morning when the sun high above the sky, beaming on us. 

Eos earrings are unique and will slightly vary in shape since each of them are entirely handmade from sterling silver and 24k gold plating.