Charites, the sculpture by Antonio Canova

Charites: Dancers among the gods

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In Greek mythology, the Charites were the goddesses of beauty, joy and grace. According to Hesiod, they were the daughters of Zeus and Eurynome. Aglaia (who represents radiance), Euphrosyne (who represents joy), and Thalia (who represents flowering).

The Kharites were usually depicted as young women with wings, carrying bouquets or wreaths of flowers. They were often associated with the goddesses Aphrodite and Artemis.

The Charites were believed to bring joy and happiness to those who worshipped them, and they were sometimes referred to as the "Smiling Ones". And today they are our guests to answer our questions about beauty, life and art!

Aglaia: Yes we areee!

Sabiria: We are super happy you are here with us! Let's start with what does it feel like to be linked to beauty, elegance, and grace?

Thalia: It feels amazing, to be honest! We enjoy being the center of attention and work hard to make people feel good about themselves. We're always happy to help out whenever we can, and it feels great to be appreciated.

S: What is the most important aspect of beauty for you?

Aglaia: Hmmm, that's a tough question. I think it's important to be well-groomed and have a good sense of fashion. But ultimately, I think the most important thing is to have a beautiful soul.

Euphrosyne: I would say a good, heartwarming smile!

S: How do you feel about the way beauty is seen in modern times?

Thalia: I feel that beauty is often seen in a negative light in modern times. People are often judged by their appearance, and there is a lot of pressure to be beautiful. This is not always healthy or positive. I believe that beauty should be appreciated and celebrated and that everyone has their unique beauty.

S: We cannot agree more! How do you feel about being associated with Venus and Diana, two of the most renowned goddesses in all of the mythology?

They look at each other smiling, clearly thinking of past memories.

Aglaia: We feel honored! After all, who wouldn't want to be associated with such beautiful and powerful goddesses?

Thalia: I can never forget when we welcomed Afrodite for the first time when she came ashore in that beautiful shell. I remember her golden hair shining like the sun even today, it warms my heart...

S: Ah, that should be an incredible experience. So many things you have witnessed, the judgment of Paris, Pandora opening the jar, the birth of Aphrodite, We are in total awe... We wonder if you ever get jealous of each other.

Euphrosyne: We totally get jealous of each other! Sometimes we fight over who gets to be the most beautiful one, or especially when we see a painting, over who is the favorite of the painter... But in the end, we always make up and decide that we're all beautiful in our own way. What to say, we just complete each other!

S: We have one final question, other than many other gods and goddesses the way you were depicted in art hasn’t changed much throughout the years, which painting or sculpture is your favorite?

Thalia: Oh definitely the Canova sculpture, It’s so sensual and soft, I like it, especially in the golden hour.

Euphrosyne: Botticelli’s Spring, no doubt, my all-time favorite...

Aglaia: I am a huge fan of impressionism, it’s so full of emotions... That’s why my favorite is Robert Delaunay’s portrait of ours, I can look at it for hours…

S: Wow, we love them too, also the Picasso one is incredible, don't you agree?

Aglaia: It’s a bit dark and sad, I am not very fond of his blue period.

S: We have also made a pendant dedicated to you, It is made of three gemstones: Aventurine for Aglaia and her radiating positivity, the romantic pink moonstone for Thalia and her feminine energy, and the amethyst for Euphrosyne and for the joy and happiness she brings.

Thalia: We love it! We couldn’t have been described better... So minimal and full of meaning, this is what we call real beauty. Thank you so much.

Thanks to you for being such inspirations and for your kind answers.

The Charites necklace will be available on our online shop on October 20th.

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