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Mysterious, yet constant and reassuring, the phases of the moon has always been influential in the Mediterranean cultures. Phases of the moon has been associated as a feminine force and represented by a goddess or nymph.

  • Full moon

    Full moon couldn't be anyone else then Selene herself, the enchanting titaness of moon.

  • Crescent moon

    Artemis, goddess of hunt, an independent soul, was the personification of the crescent moon.

  • Waning moon

    The goddess of witchcraft and the keeper of the crossroads, Hecate was the Waning moon.

  • New moon

    Perseide, the lover of the sun Helios, represented the new moon. 

Luna pieces are made for the modern godesses who navigate life's journey with wisdom in their hearts, no matter what phase they may be experiencing!

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Each piece of the Luna serie is unique and will slightly vary in shape since each of them are entirely handmade from sterling silver and plated in 24k gold.