Elegant Delicate Vibrant

Enter the realm of mythology and elegance with our exclusive collection of necklaces inspired by the Greek Goddesses. From the serene aura of Cybele to the fierce energy of Athena, these necklaces will add a touch of divine allure to any outfit.

Each piece showcases the beauty and radiance of precious gemstones, hand-selected to bring the grace and power of the deities to life.


  • Tourmaline

    Compassion, stability and healing

  • Turquoise

    Serenity for lifting your spirit

  • Lapis Lazuli

    Wisdom and clarity for taking a decisions

  • Pearl

    Strength to take risks and learn from life experiences

  • Coral

    Courage and concentration for new beginings

  • Onyx stone


    Self control and protection

Each necklace is unique and will slightly vary in shape since each of them are entirely handmade from sterling silver and 24k gold plating.